We have a range of menus to suit your taste- whether you prefer traditional favourites, edgy modern platters or international flavours.

Cocktail Party


White bread, Green goddess finger sandwich

Green olive beignet (v)

Fried chicken & kimchi tacos

Lime, avocado, coriander ceviche (gf)

Prawn Po Boy, Cajun remoulade


Dessert jar tower of amazingness

Caramel budino, salted caramel sauce, lightly whipped cream

Lemon set cream, spiced crumble, citrus salad

Corporate Christmas


Classic salt & pepper squid

Louisiana chicken skewers, smokey paprika aioli

Rare beef horseradish, rye finger sandwich

Arancini, basil, lemon & mozzarella (gf)(v)

Chilli seared prawn, coriander pikelet


Entrée – platters

Ciabatta, focaccia, chargrilled chorizo, salami, smoked salmon schmear, marinated olives, Whitestone blue, Lindis Pass brie, beetroot & orange chutney, caramelised onion & ale relish, preserved lemon labne



Ham hock terrine, green herb caper & gherkin mayo, salad greens


Main – platters served to the table

Soy & sake salmon, tomato & currant vinaigrette

Beef sirloin, salsa verde, rich gravy

Salted roast chicken, cranberry & bacon stuffing, gravy



Buttered new potatoes, parsley, garlic, lemon

Duck fat roasted potatoes

Market salad greens, toasted almonds, balsamic vinaigrette

Rocket, shaved parmesan, garlic croutons, baby spinach


Dessert – sideboard

Mini Christmas mince meringue pies

Little lemon set creams, lemon curd

Food Stations


Cheesy hush puppies with ranch dressing

Fried oyster po-boys with Cajun remoulade

Hapuka soft tacos, tomatillo salsa

Little glass of a classic shrimp cocktail

BBQ sticky pork ribs

Blackened fish with sour grits

Truffled Mac & cheese

Jambalaya with chicken, chorizo and shrimp

Warm sweet potato, Brussels sprouts salad with parmesan vinaigrette


Food Station

Old school chicken liver pate

Cheese, anchovy pastry straws

Hot soppressa, prosciutto, Bresaola

Baba Ganoush

Olives, pickled figs

Ciabatta, baguette


Dessert Food Station

Chocolate mousse, floating whiskey cream

Isomalt pops/decorative

Eclairs, blood orange & campari

Caramel Budino, salted caramel sauce

Warm lemon curd madelaines

Hot apple cinnamon beignets


C4 coffee cart


Bonfire Supper

Enamel mugs of Amarula hot chocolate, spicy marshmallow on a stick




Entrée – platters for your guests to share

Ciabatta, sourdough, chicken liver pate, Soft Brie, Cumberland chutney, garlicky hummus, beetroot chutney, wafers 


Main – your guests choose between

Chargrilled beef sirloin, garlic & parsley crust, buttermilk onion rings, pan juices


Oven roasted pork belly, crispy crackling, green apple sauce with a touch of chilli, braised red cabbage, walnut crumble


Sides – on the table

Flaky salt & rosemary roasties

Winter greens – brussels, broccoli, savoy, baby spinach & peas

Roast root veggies – parsnip, kumara, red onion & maple carrots


Dessert – canapé sideboard

Chocolate hazelnut fudge brownie

Little lemon meringue tarts


French Family


Cones of spicy roasted chickpeas (v) (gf)

Shredded BBQ chicken taco, Catering Dept. hot sauce mayo with lime salsa

Canterbury rare beef, horseradish & rye sandwich

Popcorn shrimp with kewpie mayo

Chorizo, caramelised onion & potato pressed tortilla (gf)

Pulled pork slider with smokey paprika mayo



Potato honey saffron communal bread, local olive oil, pistachio dukkah & sumac labne


Main – shared platters to the table

6 hour lamb legs, tahini butter, jus

Slow cooked, rolled pork loin, jus, dried and fresh cherry stuffing



Hot buttered new season potatoes

Fresh asparagus

Iceberg, mixed leaf, pea, spring onion salad with sugar mint vinaigrette



Bubbly jelly, stonefruit & vanilla salad

Ice cream sandwich, crisp wafer, raspberry & boysenberry or chocolate and caramel



Beef & Guinness pie in a bag

Plate & Fork


Fresh spring roll, prawn, rice noodles and coriander peanut dipping sauce (gf)

Cones of buttermilk onion rings (v) (w)

Three cheese pastry (v) (w)

Ultimate chicken sandwich with bacon & gherkin

Little beef & cheeseburger, chow chow, mayo



Garlic bread, homemade ciabatta, fresh pesto, hummus & olives



Barbecued Louisiana chicken, herby slaw, creamy potato salad


Slow red wine braised beef cheeks with buttery peas & sweet garlic mash


Dessert – served canapé style to your guests

Cones of Hokey pokey ice cream


Canapés to start

Cuban hero – pulled pork, Swiss cheese & chipotle mayo (w)

Chicken satay skewer, fresh coriander (gf)(w)

Spinach & pumpkin crispy fried risotto balls (v) (w) (gf)


Sideboard Dinner

Crispy chicken wings with tobasco butter

BBQ prawn skewers with chermoula dressing

Minute sirloin steaks, beetroot & orange chutney, basil & mint mayo

Butterfly lamb leg, Moroccan marinade, sumac & mint labne

George’s sticky bbq ribs



Classic potato and kumara salad

Roast bell pepper, aubergine & courgette, feta & baby spinach

Market salad, toasted almonds, minted sugar vinaigrette


Dessert “Pav it your way”

Brown sugar pav’s

Lemon curd

Berryfruit compote

Preserved Otago apricots

Lightly whipped cream

Themed Food Stations

Alice in Wonderland themed event


Porky little Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee

Bacon butties

Pulled pork & beans (gf)

Bacon & egg pie

Pork & parsley terrine with caper mayo (gf)


Build a burger, bar

Beef patties

Thai chicken patties

Lamb & mint patties

Fresh baps



Chilli sauce




Caramelised onion


Mad Hatters Tearooms

Sweet onion pasties (v)

Traditional cheese rolls (v)

Iceberg & chopped egg salad, condensed milk mayo (gf) (v)

Awesome sausage rolls with cheesy centres

Summer BBQ salad, peas, cucumber, corn, red onions, peppers, sugar vinaigrette (gf) (v)


Alice in Dessertland

EAT ME cupcakes

Caterpillars forest “Yule log”, meringue mushrooms, toadstools & pistachio moss

White Queen vs Red Queen neenish tarts

Themed Food Stations 2

Wild West themed event

On arrival…

Tortilla cup with charred corn & bean salsa & crumbled feta (v) (some gf)

Cones of sweetcorn & cheddar hush puppies with Ranch dressing (v) (w

Louisiana chicken skewers (w) (gf)


O.K. Corral

Cheesy coriander stuffed crispy jalapenos (v) (gf)

Corn on the cob, lime, Manchego & sweet paprika (v) (gf)

Hoedown chilli, sour cream & salsa (gf)


Lonesome Dove

Boot stompin’ beef cheeseburger

Sweet corn, pea salad (v) (gf)

Smokey beef brisket with buttermilk ranch slaw (gf)


The Praire

Blackened market fish with chow chow (gf)

Pulled pork and creamy grits (gf)

Bangin’ potato salad (v) (gf)


Sweet Calamity Jane

Salted caramel & peanut TKO’s

Ramekin of peach & raspberry cobbler

Chilli chocolate mousse (gf)

Enamel mugs of Amarula hot chocolate with whipped cream (gf)


Day after Wedding BBQ

Day after BBQ

Deep fried chicken wings with Cajun rub

Suckling pig on a spit

Garlic shoulder of lamb

Pickled slaw


Baba ganoush, hummus, pita bread, olives, crudities,

Grapes, dates

Whitestone brie, aged cheddar

Oob ice cream pottles


C4 Coffee cart


Dispensers of rhubarb & ginger soda and OFL with lemon & mint


Bloody Mary Bar

Make your own Bloody Mary:
Finlandia vodka, tomato juice, coriander, S&P, tobacco, Worcester sauce, lime cheeks, Coppersfolly wasabi