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Spring into Smorgasbord action...

Spring into Smorgasbord action...

Posted by Katie Duncan on 18 September 2018

Those Swedes sure know how to live, what with their world-leading outcomes for health, justice & education. Some people say tax systems are the secret but do you know what we think it is?  Smorgasbords. Other than just being quite cool to say out loud, smorgasbords are a general plethora of seasonal offering all set out for grazing style eating. Originally focusing on the famous Scandi open sandwiches, the smorgasbord has morphed into more of a sophisticated buffet. It’s our number one top pick for spring eating style – and we love packing it with local produce from our mates.

If you’re hosting some friends for a spring lunch or brunch, think smorgasbord. Open sandwiches with a great local bread (Grizzly Baked Goods – we're looking at you here), a swipe of goats’ curd, some grilled asparagus, drizzle of olive oil, dukkah and a sweet pea shoot. Divine. Do a wee spread of horseradish mayo, fold over some cold smoked salmon, sprinkle on a couple of capers & some home pickled red onion slices. For a more brunchy twist, throw on some avocado, crispy bacon, sweet tomatoes & sumac or use brioche with a brown sugar sweetened crème fraîche, blueberries, almonds & maple.  A small variety of these looks incredibly appetising, colourful & interesting.

A drinks & nibbles gathering? Smorgasbord. Local cured meats, breads, cheese & fresh produce. Crudities have come a long way since the 80s too – carrot & celery sticks have been replaced by charred asparagus spears just served alongside a little wasabi mayo, a punnet of cherry tomatoes that’s been drizzled with balsamic and roasted low and slow for a couple of hours. Heirloom carrots beautiful & colourful, radishes with the green heads still on and a sprinkling of flakey salt or whip up a yoghurt, lemon & mint dressing to splash over your beautiful spring produce.

Smorgasbords got a bad rap for a while in NZ – it was carvery roasts, scallop ‘flavoured’ bites (ugh), roasted (ahem, deep fried) potatoes and foods held hot for too long over slow burning bain maries. It was synonymous with quantity over quality. But now we know better – smorgies are a brilliant way to be creative & stylish, hero ingredients from your backyard and impress your hoard of hangry guests.

So don’t be smorgas-bored, be smorgasbord.

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