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Of course you Mexi-can

Of course you Mexi-can

Posted by Catering Dept on 25 August 2015

Mexican food is the latest ubiquitous food trend popping up in new restaurants, food trucks and cafes all over the country. From soft tacos, tortillas and quesadillas to sweet churros and spicy chocolate sweets. And quite frankly we’re okay with it because tbh, our Mexican friends seriously know how to throw a palate party. So why not serve it at your next event?

Food theming is a great way to focus an event menu to keep it contemporary, interesting and memorable. It also opens up fun and easy ways to add value to your event with additional theming and décor. To use our Mexican example, food stations could be set up with bright coloured throw cloths, little potted cacti, hanging strings of dried chilli and fresh herbs and wooden bowls with fat, juicy limes.

A French family food platter event could include bouquets of lavender, olive tree branches with hanging tealights, baskets with whole fresh baguettes and wheels of cheese (honestly, why have a slice when you can have a WHEEL?). A trip over the border into Italy and we could simply decorate with fat red tomatoes on bright green vines, dried garlic, flour dusted fresh pastas, bunches of aromatic basil and bowls of lemons. See, easy peasy?

Themed food works at any event including weddings – one of our favourites was a Kiwi girl who married an Englishman after they met in Greece, so they had a themed food station of their favourite food from each country. We’ve had a New Orleans style wedding menu with passed around plates of gumbo, grits, ribs and beignets; a Wild West corporate party with food stations of pulled pork, corn with feta and coriander and stuffed chillis. A 60th birthday party as a French market with French onion soup and gruyere toasts, duck fat roasted potatoes, a cheese and cured meats stall and a patisserie selection to make you drool. We’ve had Indian weddings, Chinese lantern festivals, Burn’s day haggis with tatties ‘n neeps and Moroccan splendour with fragrant dishes and gold edged cloths.

The world is your playground when it comes to menus and we love it all.

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