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Beef or chicken?

Beef or chicken?

Posted by Catering Dept on 12 August 2015

Once on a United Airlines flight to LA I had the misfortune of being offered beef or chicken. “Beef stew”, announced the inflight crew member, “or chicken cordon bleu and for those of you who don’t know, cordon bleu is French for daaaaammmmn good.” It’s not, you know. Not even close. Literally or metaphorically speaking in this instance. And because no one believed him, by the time the trolley reached my seat, chicken cordon blurgh was the only remaining option. (In reality it was grey chicken thighs with white sauce).

Now I’m not saying you’d ever get unpalatable chicken from the Catering Dept – because No! Never! But I am questioning the validity of offering a choice when one is so overwhelmingly popular and the other is a token gesture that costs you extra money.

Clients often have a burdening sense of wanting to please as many of their guests as they can and to do this, may want to offer a choice of main meal. Usually this would be a red meat and a white meat, usually this will then end up being beef or lamb and chicken. When it comes down to it we will happily do whatever you want but after a million combined years in the biz, we do have a bit of salient advice – drop the chicken.

In New Zealand, chicken has become the staple meat in the home. Beef and lamb, salmon and duck are special occasion or rare meats while chicken is eaten regularly. Our clients will often choose it as an alternative choice believing it is a safe option of mass appeal but it’s never the case. We can confidently tell you that in offering a choice, approximately 10 per cent of your guests will choose chicken. That’s just 10 people in a 100 guest event that you will be paying a premium to please. And yet, you’d find that the majority of them would be very happy with the beef if there hadn’t been a choice and you would be saving the extra money spent on offering two meats for another part of your event or, keeping it in the bank!

If you do feel compelled to offer a choice there are many other fabulous options other than chicken or you could talk to us about French Family style.

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